The above photos belong to Christina Radish, who gave her permission to post them on this site. The photos are not to be copied or used on any other website, message board, wallpaper or mailing list without her consent. Thank You

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RE: Reproduction /Copyright Violation issues related to Eric Etebari imagery. As a rule of thumb, Etebari Enterprises Inc. would first acquire the "actual product" to identify the contents, producer, supplier and distribution.  After careful evaluation, and if necessary, we would send a curtsey letter requesting the seller to stop the sale of the product due to either "knowing or unknowing" copyright infringement.  We would not harass nor project any criminal wrong doing on any person/s, if ever, until all the facts and findings are clear and investigated completely.  Once our findings are established and if reasonable cause for action exists and if supplier would continue to sell or produce product after the warning notice, we would consider taking further action deemed "appropriate" by our legal representative.  Thank you, Personal Management for Eric Etebari.